About the campaign

The Global Coalition for Tech Justice is a global movement challenging the global equity crisis at the centre of tech accountability, whereby social media companies headquartered in the global north – and the regulators responsible for them – have been negligent when it comes to dealing with their impacts everywhere and particularly in the global majority.

Corporate leaks and on-the-ground civil society experience suggest that social media companies are barely investing in harm assessment and mitigation outside of the US and English language content. Yet as the companies’ influence on information ecosystems in Africa, Asia and Latin America grows, their impacts are becoming more serious, more extensive, and more frequent. When it comes to the widespread use and impact of social media, 2024 – with its global megacycle of 65+ elections in over 55 countries – will be the make-or-break year for democracy and freedoms and the ultimate test for social media companies.

Campaign Asks for the 2024 Year of Democracy Campaign

Our coalition is calling for Big tech companies to fully and equitably resource efforts to protect 2024 elections through a set of specific, measurable demands. Companies should address every country in which they operate and make investments in trust and safety proportionate to risk, not market size.

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Global Coalition for Tech Justice is catalysing a global movement – civil society, journalists, academics, national electoral commissions, and policymakers – leveraging their power, influence and voice in favour of equitable and effective social media safeguards to protect democratic and human rights.

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How we work

We use our collective capacity to deliver on the coalition’s objectives through building collaborations, catalyzing a powerful civil society voice in policy discussions, generating evidence through research, monitoring elections and training.

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2024 Elections